We are on a mission to democratize the innovation process by widening the aperture for participation and allowing anyone to ‘be an innovator’ and contribute to solution development.


Lital Marom

ceo, unfold media group | speaker, investor

Brad Rossacci

Creative Director, Accenture Innovation Advisor, Global 2000

Matias Klein

CEO, Kognition

Christina Dills

CEO, Smart Edge Technologies | Serial Entrepreneur

DP Prakash, PHD

CEO, Youtopian | Former CIO, Global Foundries

Jorge Frausto

CEO, Modern Industrial | Former CIO, GE

Russ Fadel

CEO, Augmentir | Serial Entreprenuer

Andy Lowry

Co-Founder, Realwear | Former Chief Engineer, Raytheon

The Values

Eager Connection

The entirety of Manifest is dependent on vibrant relationships with ecosystem partners.

Earnest rebellion

What has been done in the past isn’t good enough, so we eagerly forge ahead.

Generous success

With a win-and-help-win attitude, we aim to create business success for others.

Resolute vision

As Manifest changes the process, our solutions brought to market will change the world.

Unorthodox process

Things need to be different, so we do things a different way — full stop.