Modern solutions are less likely to be created within a single monolithic company and more often the result of an orchestration effort among distinct hardware, software, and service providers. When we join forces, and everyone does what they do best, magic happens.

Solution wedges

A solution is deconstructed into the various “jobs to be done” or components that are needed for the solution to deliver value. We call each component a “wedge.”

Wedge providers

Once the required wedges for a solution are defined, they are filled by a hardware, software, or service provider from the Manifest ecosystem.

Remix & reuse

Solutions tend to stick around. As new solutions are developed, they are often added to our registry — these can be browsed, searched, and filtered as Digital Orchestrators and end customers look for solutions fitting for their business.

Solutions find scale

Manifest leverages relationships with strategic channel partners who have many customers to provide rapid scale for new solutions that are developed.

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