What is Digital

Digital Orchestration is the art of connecting the right people, technologies, and processes needed to develop new solutions in a way that’s optimized for value creation and speed. By democratizing the innovation process and widening the aperture for participation, we can discover, design, and deliver new solutions in a way that hasn’t been possible... until now.

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Business challenges

Digital Orchestrators

A collaborative ecosystem

Digital Orchestration

Why Digital

There is a chasm between business and technology. 

It’s undeniable that new technologies, business models, and societal trends are impacting business as we know it—regardless of size, segment, or market. But with the onslaught of options and information, it’s become increasingly difficult for businesses to stay fully current or even know where to look. Additionally, technology providers are knowledgeable in their domain but can’t be experts in every conceivable industry segment. There is a gap.

This reality demands we think differently about how new solutions are discovered, designed, and delivered. Relying solely on internal resources or expensive and slow-moving consulting firms for innovation is no longer enough.

We believe the companies who thrive look beyond their usual horizons, leverage external expertise, and seamlessly interact with an ecosystem of partners and providers to develop new solutions. Manifest is the platform that enables these interactions. Together we are building a collaborative ecosystem of technology providers, domain experts, and Digital Orchestrators to help any company, anywhere, Manifest its future.

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Digital Orchestration
is an ongoing process


Digital Orchestrators work with innovation leaders to understand business challenges and opportunities, determine desired business outcomes, catalog existing capabilities and expose new and relevant technologies.


As new ideas are matured and prioritized, Digital Orchestrators leverage the Manifest Ecosystem to find existing solutions or fill the necessary wedges to create new ones.


Digital Orchestrators identify the ideal ecosystem partners to complete each job, align on roles and responsibilities, determine ROI, project costs, and timeline. The Manifest model accelerates solution development and market launch at a fraction of the cost typically required.

What’s the outcome of Digital Orchestration?

Ideation Packages

An ideation package collects relevant information about the idea. This can include initial business impact and technical complexity scores, a high-level concept summary, brand analogs, considerations for execution, cultural viability, and solution wedge providers that might play a role, among other things.

Opportunity Packages

Prioritized ideas are developed further, delving into business model feasibility, technical viability, user adoption challenges, legal issues, privacy concerns, and more. Opportunity Packages also capture which solution wedges need to be present and connect these to specific partners from the Manifest ecosystem.

Solution Packages

A Solution Package includes all the necessary business explorations to ensure viability with a high degree of certainty. A completed package also contains a detailed project plan for developing the solution, with dates, gates, milestones, and alignment achieved among all the partners involved.